Karen O – Ooo

Iată-ne la primul articol din cadrul rubricii English Sundays, rubrică în care ne vom deversa toate englezismele la adresa muzicii.

Cristian Pagu

Surprise, surprise! This video should run down smoothly with your Sunday. Spike Jonze premiered this surprise music video for the famous singer of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, front woman Karen O. And I have to say, it’s quite the surprise. It certainly looks like a sweet gift from one friend to another. It was Jonze who actually said that what he did for Karen was cook up something nice to congratulate her on her new Crush Songs album, which sort of feels like this video right here.

Spike Jonze and Karen have often worked together. She recently helped Spike on The Moon Song for Her, and also helped shape the childlike soundtrack for the wonderful and magical Where the Wild Things Are.

While hard at work on a one act play at the Metropolitan Opera House for the opening ceremony of the Fashion Week in New York, in a 10 minutes break, Spike took one camera and one Elle Fanning and started shooting off the cuff. The result is a light, playful 2 minutes of Fanning doing what a girl her age does best. She floods the stage with dancing and twisting and turning and smiling and laughing, being severely cuteable and girlish beyond recognition. This song is so dreamy it’s just not fair it’s so short, leaving us craving for more.



Cristian PaguKaren O – Ooo

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