noomi rapace - aitor throup

Noomi Rapace portrait by Aitor Throup & Flying Lotus

Cristian Pagu

This Sunday is short and sweet. All shot in black and white within a wow riveting 7-act arthouse portrait piece which strays from the confines of everything that could possibly be defined as a mere depiction of the self. It’s actually a 3 dimensional portrait of Noomi Rapace as she’s being live sculpted, but at the same time illustrating a portrait of her in itself, a live metaphor for the various chronological steps in the actor’s process.

Jump cuts and split screens enhance her presence, here wearing a black suit, with her black nails, her lustrous silver hair, her large sneaker boots, her tongue and cheeks, those eyes, those smiles, and that laugh in that immaculate white setting. She is a teeming lady, a dramatic Venus sort of contralto that we crave to watch as much, so much, the most, wishing she would course through our veins and really taste her from within.

This piece illustrates Aitor Throup’s personal and symbolic interpretation of a model being shaped by her creator, directing the memory of form of another whilst giving us a small glimpse of his unusual, bizarre and intense modus operandi. The whole thing has a small soundtrack of its own from non-other than the acclaimed forward thinking musician and producer Flying Lotus, who came up with 6 different unreleased tracks that took shape from the various discussions the artist had with Throup.

The result is the formation of a body cast of Noomi sprayed over various layers of physical, literal and metaphorical processes, that are intertwined, working their way up and staring down at the complexities of not only the protagonist, but of all 3 artists involved in the final piece.

You can get the full experience here, on NOWNESS.



Cristian PaguNoomi Rapace portrait by Aitor Throup & Flying Lotus

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