Tiga – Bugatti

Cristian Pagu

Back in the summer when Tiga released his single Bugatti, nobody knew what to make of it. That krautrock mixed with tech house beats is not that bad, but it’s not like it’s some kind of fantastic piece of electronic art. But teaming up with Helmi and Division Paris paid off big time. It seems that Tiga had it all planned out for what exactly is that he wanted his single to look like if it ever got a video.

It is amazing to see how this track crosses from hate it to love it giving you probably the best look of what a montage is. A montage of people that have travelled from the past into the future. Namely, the rich white people on Wall-Street who back in the day used to feel extremely macho driving Bugatti cars, wearing aggressive colored suits and went skiing in Aspen. Tiga’s video targets the parody of the bad taste of those people in those times.

I’m talking about those winter sports crazed 80’s people with retro knitted sweaters and awful but delicious tastes in leather type outfits, one more colorful than the other. Naked girls with smudges of bad red lipstick on their cigarettes and those guys with the mullet hairdos that say work in the front, party in the back, letting us know that the 80’s will never go out of style.



Cristian PaguTiga – Bugatti

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