Cristian Pagu

This morning something was off. No chemicals running through my system, nothing or no one to blame, no clue whatsoever. But I woke up to Alex Osuch’s music. On stage he calls himself DJAO. This is his debut album. Alex’s been making music and performing since 2010. There’s a reason they call him The Achemist, as he manages to tap into the art and science of sound in order to achieve the transmutation of base sounds into pure gold.

His album delves deeply and laboriously into the electronic spectrum, but like a hypnotherapist, he mixes all sounds, leaving just enough room not to stray off too far. From the very beginning of Good Morning, his voice never leaves our side, hovering above, bouncing off the track’s melodies, manipulating a genetic code made up of electric pianos, guitars, drums, synthesizers, deep bass tones, echoes and a unique voice print, like light vapors triggering the transparency of all the elements that blend thoroughly, without the dullness of that sense of a finished and solid musical state.

Even our most abstract dreams can’t conjure up the fundamental forces and geometric realms of Woodgrain, cancelling gravity, bringing about a weightless stillness of the mind. The vagueness of the mind, the mental perception and astral projection linger on as Heavy Fog moves forward across wide plains of uncertainty, settling down to take a closer look at sadness (Wet Bark) and relaxation (Tan Jacket) under a tiny musical microscope, only to realize there’s no observable difference to be made by our cohesive consciousness.

Every track is mutually involved, intertwined. But everything’s connected in Foreign Heart. Everything and everyone confined in a field of atoms. Listening closely, you begin to notice little clouds of sound and voice possibility in a two dimensional array, with a series of repeated durations, running like clockwork, but pacing itself so as to not distort that powerful pulse stream, the hazy bass and almost unsung echoes, like particles infinitely spaced out but carefully bound.

The music that can only be defined as to what happens when the science of the mind meets the stillness of the heart. It moves able minds and bodies across oceans of stars. My Sunday mood is never wearing off after this. I woke up to this. I woke up like this.



Cristian PaguDJAO – DJAO

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