OK Go – I Won’t Let You Down

Cristian Pagu

4 days, 44 takes, around 2,400 extras and a drone. That’s how you go viral.OK Go is not a band that I like. At all. In fact not many people can say that either, but somehow they manage to get under your skin. The fact that their music is not that great has absolutely nothing to do with it. Sure their music is quirky power pop the likes of which one would not even suspect that they still practice these days in the modern world, but somehow, when it comes down to their visual style, OK Go turn viral in an instant because their videos are so eye-candy that you can’t turn away.

Their latest stunt is so complicated and elaborated that you cannot click away until it’s done. Filmed in Japan, and directed by weird Japanese commercial director Morihiro Harano, all 4 members appear to be riding hybrid uni segways, dancing around the entrance of a train station before exiting into the parking lot, joining the most intricate flashmob I’ve ever seen.

Sure you must think that it’s all just fun and games under those hypnotic umbrellas, but you have to hand it to these Japanese dancing machines with their crazy synchronized dance of remarkable swiss precision all in a one-shot video. The song might but the video sure won’t let you down!



Cristian PaguOK Go – I Won’t Let You Down

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