Ivory Towers – Endling

Cătălin Mesaru

Whispers and distorted siren-like vocals. That’s how you’re greeted on Ivory Tower’s first song from the Endling E.P. which is available to stream on Soundcloud. Taking its name and atmospheric cues from Twin Peaks, Where We’re From the Birds Sing A Pretty Song is a haunting and unsettling piece of sonic landscaping with echoed vocals that flourish and grave piano strumming, all adorned with a distant and weirdly organic snare coupled with synths that swivel and swell.

The Dweller On The Threshold is a menacing work of art, with layered vocals, hectic yet curiously warm harp-like sounds. It’s imbued with a horrifying sense of darkness that bubbles forth from the monstrous growling that permeates throughout the entire song. Totem, the third piece, is slightly more upbeat, yet it manages to evoke that same sense of darkness as the first two songs. It’s as if Ivory Towers (a.k.a. Quinne Rodgers) is floating and slithering through a black expanse of water, appearing and dissappearing constantly. And then, towards the end, the majestic trumpets are brought into play and the track creaks to life, like some sort of Loch Ness monster.

The track that closes off the E.P., It’s Not About Them, It’s About You drives home the whole watery inferno idea – with Quinne Rodgers breathing heavily in desperation, only for her voice to be broken off by the pendulous distorted piano arrangement and the eerie beats while death constantly flickers on the corner of your eye and of her mouth.



Cătălin MesaruIvory Towers – Endling

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