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Voyag3r – Il Guanto Nero

Cătălin Mesaru

Voyag3r (pronounced Voyager Three) are a rather brilliant Detroit-based band that like to dabble in musical artistry that draws its inspiration from sci-fi, horror, action, giallo music from the 1970s and the 1980s. The band’s first album, Doom Fortress, has come out this year, on the 26th of August, and Il Guanto Nero is the first video launched for the album.

The video for Il Guanto Nero (the title is one of the many giallo tropes – and tropes in general – that this video recreates and raises a bloody glass of champagne to) starts out like an ultra low budget mafioso/revenge movie with dashes of Sci-Fi and giallo clichés (the aforementioned black glove, the knives displayed on red velvet etc.). Going beyond the giallo/mafioso territory, Il Guanto Nero spins itself on its head and flourishes with dashes of crazed zombie-like beings, sexy killer-esque panache and a villain that slightly resembles Vidocq.

It’s a weird and lovingly crafted tribute to late 70s, early 80s cinema that works extremely well, thanks to the passion that seeps through its pores. The fact that it’s low budget only works to its advantage as it gives the recreated atmosphere a sweet, sweet air of authenticity.





Cătălin MesaruVoyag3r – Il Guanto Nero

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