Piu Piu – Moan

Cristian Pagu

I guess we’re back to Naked Sundays. In a way. The other day we showed you a new video by Boston Bun – Time Bomb (check it out here) featuring his girlfriend Piu Piu who did the vocals for that track. Piu Piu has a history of Djing and experimenting with music. Courtesy of her majesty’s megababe Piu Piu and ChChChen, I “bumped” into her music this summer when they did a great mix for Highsnobiety which you can also listen to here . Their group is called Girls Girls Girls and came into being in reaction to a male DJ dominated club scene in Paris.

A DJ, singer and songwriter based in Paris, this modern day French Cleopatra, Giulietta Canzani Mora,  like emojis and parties. She loves being both in front of and on the dance floor. But sometimes she gets these somewhat odd ideas for projects. Sometimes those ideas are dirty. For this particular “dirty” project, Piu Piu met with French contemporary artist Antoine Bertin who was working for a company that builds devices that record in three dimensions. Also called binaural recording, it is a method of recording sound that uses two microphones, arranged with the intent to create a 3D stereo sound sensation for the listener of actually being in the room with the performers or instruments. The company was looking for a unique idea and Giuletta came up with a super intimate one. She asked a few girls to record themselves while masturbating and she did a whole mix using those recordings. Fucking French!!! And that’s how Moan came into being. It’s not some type of a musical marvel, but it’s got a nice ring and kick to it.

Play for yourselves or with yourselves!




Cristian PaguPiu Piu – Moan

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