FKA twigs – Hide & Pendulum (LIVE performance)

Cristian Pagu

Boy, oh boy, oh boy! This one is killing me softly… with her songs, with her moves, with her looks. There is absolutely no escape from the firm grasps of what this girl has managed to do to my brain. We posted the clip for Pendulum a few days ago, and while that self-directed piece was stunning and jolting, we cannot fully comprehend what is this girl is made of upon watching this new live performance.

BRIT Awards 2015 is the backdrop for what can only be called as yet another jaw-dropping performance of FKA twigs for Hide and Pendulum. Although we wish she would win, the fact that she is a Female Solo Artist and British Breakthrough nominee is the last thing on our tormented minds.

The backup dancers are the bone breaking kids from Solitary Crew that were featured in Glass Animals’ Hazey video and they are here to help twigs stretch out and squeeze some more sugar rich nectar out of her talent… and as the crowd goes crazy, small hairs on our bodies we never even knew existed go up as if her live performance ran through our bodies like electricity.

Consistently toying with us, she lays down her feet and flutters her hands in such ways that, at first, we are somehow not capable of helping ourselves produce even a small distorted understanding of the meaning that is FKA twigs. As the camera draws close to her and then pushes away, using lights, mood and atmosphere, our bodies begin to create the right conditions where that understanding finally ensues.



Cristian PaguFKA twigs – Hide & Pendulum (LIVE performance)

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