Mr. Zula: A Trip To Turkish Electronic Music History (1961 – 1983) [Mixtape]

Cătălin Mesaru

Mr. Zula is an Istanbul-based DJ, beatmaker an radio host that expores and reconnects with sounds from days gone by, adding a touch of polished electronic layers to the compositions.

In 2012 he created a mixtape that’s truly something special: A Trip To Turkish Electronic Music History (1961 – 1983), which he’s made available towards the end of last year on Soundcloud. This is a unique mixtape, in which he introduces us to the creators and birth-givers of the turkish electronic scene. It’s all there, basically: soundscapes created from the crude synthesizers of their time, ominous and experimental sonic assaults.

The mixtape starts off (misleadingly) with a sound clip from Turist Ömer Uzay Yolu’nda, the Turkish Sci-Fi movie from 1973 that is more commonly know in the English-speaking areas as Ömer the Tourist in Star Trek. That’s right: the compilation starts with a clip from one of the infamous and horrendously laughable Turkish ripoffs that we’ve grown to love. Moving away from this wonderful Easter egg, the compilation sets out to define the differences from early experimental electronica and the psychedelia (literal musical psychedelia, as the music usually veers into that genre) that ensued in the following two decades, the seventies and the eighties.

It’s a brilliant mixtape offering some wonderful insights into the electronic undertakings of a country that’s not that well know for its electronica-related artistry.


  1. Intro (Haydi Bastır) from the movie “Turist Ömer Uzay Yolunda”
  2. Bülent Arel – Stereo electronic music No.1 (1961)
  3. Ilhan Mimaroglu – Magnetic Tape IX (1966-1967)
  4. Ilhan Mimaroglu – Hyperboles (1971)
  5. Ilhan Mimaroglu – Hide & Seek (1973)
  6. Dün Bugün Yarın Orkestrası – Moog Gırgır (1975)
  7. Gökçen Kaynatan – Evren (1973)
  8. Murat Ses ve Ağrı Dağı Orkestrası – Fasulye Dişli Adam (1976)
  9. Gökçen Kaynatan – Pencerenin Perdesini (1973)
  10. Metin Alatlı – Mevlana Böyle Dedi (1975)
  11. Metin Alatlı – Lorke (1975)
  12. Gökçen Kaynatan – Moda (1966)
  13. Selçuk Alagoz – Bağ Bozumu (1971)
  14. Ağrı Dağı Efsanesi – Düşenin Dostu Olmaz (1972)
  15. Bunalımlar – Bunalım (1971)
  16. Barış Manço – Sözüm Meclisten Dışarı (1981)
  17. Zafer Dilek – Misket (1976)
  18. Barış Manço – Eğri Büğrü (1980)
  19. Ilhan Mimaroglu – Immolation Scene (1983)



Cătălin MesaruMr. Zula: A Trip To Turkish Electronic Music History (1961 – 1983) [Mixtape]

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