Shabazz Palaces – Forerunner Foray

Cristian Pagu

[…]and by a sleep, to say we end/ The Heart-ache, and the thousand Natural shocks/ That Flesh is heir to? ‘Tis a consummation/ Devoutly to be wished.

When it comes down to animation pretty much everything goes. The sky’s the limit, they say. That’s literally the case with Forerunner Foray, the latest clip from Shabazz Palaces who took upon themselves to jump out of existence into a distorted dimension populated by light, colour, astral objects and known deities. If the sky’s the limit, then so be it. Bye Bye!

I could sense the forerunner foray. For it was not gentle. It came many times before, in words made of breath and ink. Don’t you dare turn your back on me, sun! Light up all the stars nearby and reveal her. And give me, at long last, that slightest hint as to what or who am I? The planets circle my once foetus form. Now I recognize that form. I remember. The only things I cling to are but small relentless shamanistic dreams that I have invented. They convey the soul to a one dimensional constellation, which no one can see. Not even me. I know I am at the precipice, but I cannot see. I take small calculated steps. And you take care of those gelatinous flabby rays that transport our essence from our feet to our mouth. I don’t care. It is but a puff that you release and it is but geometry that you perceive. Endless calculations to no end. I’m there in the square, you should come and stare.

There are many events in the womb of time and they shall be delivered. The rigour of reason blows over me with hope of reaching the dark matter spot where she resides. Each gate is in the general shape of a T. Her mandala is all I have left. The sweetest tongue kiss I yet crave to receive. Yes. Black stallions dragging my heart broken. I only wish I could fuse her smile with every pulsar in all the galaxies. Sun Ra hiding her away from me. Tricksters, all of them nothing but tricksters, with godlike powers over space and time and love! Bodies like ours which flourish in proximity of one another have been hidden with star dust thrown over the light years of space between.

Time travel…far and fast. Curtains closing. Pizza ? I like pizza, she said. And then she smiled and started playing with my hair.



Cristian PaguShabazz Palaces – Forerunner Foray

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