Cosmo Sheldrake – Pelicans We EP

Cătălin Mesaru

Cosmo Sheldrake is a British musician that happens to be a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer to boot, as he recommends himself. Pelicans We EP is his latest creation and can (and should!) be devoured on Soundcloud. Pelicans We is just three pieces long and is made up of works he’s previously released, with the exception of Rich, which is an edit of a previous four minutes long song that he released last year. The other two songs: Tardigrade Song and The Fly were released in 2015 and 2014.

Tardigrade Song’s construction and influences are ripped straight out of some sort of dusty, funny, alcohol infused county fair viewed under a microscope, with Cosmo singing and slowly morphing into the titular micro-animal, with its eight drunken legs, jumping up and down, wary of its existence. The perfect soundtrack to a subversive and fucked-up animated movie with anthropomorphised micro-animals: callypigian spider mites and alcoholic dust mites.

The Fly goes higher up in the hierarchy with its experimental folk&R&B-infused sequences that are reconstructed and rearranged into something completely transgressive. It’s a wonderfully rich and full song, organic and crunchy, full of twists and turns and utterly danceable. It could very well work as a Glass Animals song, it’s that good.

The last song of Cosmo’s E.P., Rich is a collaboration with Anndreyah Vargas, whose voice is not unlike that of Aluna Francis’ voice. As I mentioned before, Rich was originally four minutes long with Cosmo deciding to edit it down to 2:32 minutes for his EP, and it only works to its advantage as this version is more focused. Rich turns down the instrumentals, stripping away most of the complexity found in the previous two songs (it does continue to rely on crunches and punches, though) and decides to focus, instead, on Vargas’ hyper-dramatic voice. It’s all very beautiful and superbly crafted, just watch out for those wonderful purrs that close off the track. Simply adorable.

Pelicans We has definitely opened up a can of curious critters and it has definitely made me want to jump on Cosmo’s carousel of musical wonders. This is a guy I’ll keep my ears peeled for.




Cătălin MesaruCosmo Sheldrake – Pelicans We EP


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