Nils Frahm – Wall (Piano Day)

Cristian Pagu

Quietly slipping through the internet waves was a new thing that apparently turned out to be a pretty serious thing. And this thing comes from one of my favorite contemporary composers, Berlin-based pianist Nils Frahm, who took it upon himself to declare, from this year hence forth, that today, March 29th, the year of our lord, or other gods and non-gods that you believe in, shall be known as “Piano Day”.

Whilst humanity rejoices in turning every single little thing into an official “day”, I will express nothing against this bit of weird news coming from Nils. The whole story got some traction, and now, apparently, there’s a whole social media circus going on behind this new “official day”. The official website (http://www.pianoday.org/) is saying this:

— Happy Piano Day! —

prepare for a special piano related treat for the world’s first piano day on march 29th! i always dreamt of inventing my own holiday and i always felt the piano is worth celebrating, so on this special day i will have a surprise waiting for you!

Nils Frahm himself was asked if the world truly is ready for a Piano Day, and his answer was… mostly, because it doesn’t hurt to celebrate the piano and everything around it: performers, composers, piano builders, tuners, movers and most important, the listener. Plain, simple and precise.

And of course that celebration does not just come empty handed, over two weeks ago Nils released a new track called Wall, which, of course you guessed it by now, has some nice piano in it. But the big big surprise is that in order to fully appreciate and enjoy this special day, he also secretly released an album called –solo– which can be downloaded in any desired format and can be listened to for free. Enjoy the new track and album and remember to have a nice and Happy Piano Day!  Yay!



Cristian PaguNils Frahm – Wall (Piano Day)


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