Rokolectiv Festival 2015 – 10 Years Anniversary

Cristian Pagu 

Much has been made of Rokolectiv’s overall seriousness with which they take their figures. And this year, Rokolectiv’s been all about numbers and figures. Let’s dance with numbers : 10 years + 3, that’s 13 in 2015. Thirteen years of making things happen in an environment where experimentation occurs and flourishes freely and regularly.

I am not going to start counting all the parties and festivals I myself have attended. But whenever I think or hear there’s something afoot, especially the yearly festival, the first symptom is a sudden rush of excitement,  enthusiasm and the right amount of buzz to get my blood pumping and start signaling the brain it’s that time of the year again.

This year, the celebration was double and the result was quadrupled. Positive ions and such matters of sound and probability contributed to the energy of a festival that was engulfed by trippy visuals, outstanding music and beautiful people. Old faces and new faces, good vibes and lots of drinks to anoint the body and ready it for what follows. One night back in that museum where it all began, for me, is what I and everyone else needed.

We stomp each other’s feet, because that’s what happens at festivals that are packed full. We smile back and apologize and get back to it. And then you get that tangible and fragrant feeling that starts from your dancing feet… it goes all the way up to your knees, suddenly jumping up into your solar plexus where butterflies reign supreme. The heart acknowledges everything and then you grasp that feeling and lock it down in your mind. And that’s just one of many.

I will not breakdown every act into syllables for everyone to fully grasp this experience I had and what it was like per se, but I will not refrain myself from pointing fingers at Aisha Devi and her wonderful performance full of love vibrations that has cleansed all my chakras. And then there’s Dreamrec, the mad scientist sitting quietly in his corner conducting visual experiments on the human psyche by inducing his test subjects to far-out, outlandish imagery of digital artistry, taking us places we never even imagined we would like to go… or Islam Chipsy for that matter, who literally floored an entire hall of people to the point where everyone had become crazed and oblivious to the outside world.

But I would also very much like to add this part where i mention Lena Willikens and Borusiade and what they did to us… basking into the pleasant and fervent warmth of the sun as it shone through the church like stained glass window, filling us with even more high-energy particles is one comparison that barely scratches the surface of what it was like listening and dancing to their music. Excessive smiling was requisite, but the fact that it came all too natural makes it even stronger and more splendid. People behind the festival, we THANK  YOU and wish you another 10 years of such sublime moments. And after that, another ten.

But you know what. I think you get the big picture. All talk and no play makes everyone get dull faces… play the clip, browse the pictures, get a taste and mark the calendar date for next year. Until then, stay on the lookout for the SHAPE of things to come this September. You do not want to miss this ever again.

brought to you by: Burn Studios

video: Matei Alexandru Mocanu

foto: Roald Aron




Cristian PaguRokolectiv Festival 2015 – 10 Years Anniversary

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