Björk stonemilker

Björk – Stonemilker

Cristian Pagu 

How much Björk is too much? The answer is obviously simplistic… it’s never enough. You can never get enough of Björk. And with this new album opener video, Stonemilker, she’s not making things easier for her fans. Here I was, minding my own business, and along comes the new video, which is a virtual reality Björk tour delight for the eyes and ears.

One might deviate from the very memory of why Björk is the way she is, but the emission of light by this living organism on this planet has never been more apparent. Her divine spirit animates the desolate nature around her. This maiden that loves to dance and sing with her amorous freedom of movement, looks as if she took up residence in the wild, in the in mountainous regions, inside forests, by lakes and streams. But here she walks along the sea, sending us waves of tranquil and idyllic energies.

The video was directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, who also directed her album movement cover Family. But Stonemilker  has Björk in 360 degrees form… she’s everywhere and she’s like a tinder app but with all things Björk, images and sounds and camera movement. You can swipe to your liking and she’s there. Sometimes she goes away but copies of her reappear in the refreshing fluorescent yellow, smiling, and singing like a nymph, nature’s deity who tasted a bit of the human world and now she wants to blend in.



Cristian PaguBjörk – Stonemilker

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