Astrid Andersen x A$AP Ferg – Water

Cătălin Mesaru

A forest is Red Bull Catwalk Studios’ new playground in Astrid Andersen and A$AP Ferg’s surreal and very tongue-in-cheek collaboration called Water. Water is not what flows through this video’s veins (neither through its protagonists veins), but it is the name of this fashion film for which A$AP Ferg created a special, terrific and terrifying new tune. Ryan Andrews has been selected as the man in charge of direction and for good reason: he’s the director of the flawed, but quirky Elfie Hopkins film and of many Charli XCX videos Nuclear Seasons and You Ha Ha Ha among others).

Water brings us its forest and its mist, and with them, Astrid’s new fashion line which seems to be as kooky and transformational as some of those that have preceded it. This couture subversiveness is brilliantly caught on screen with the help of an Asian-influenced fight which is pretty much ripped straight out of those glorious martial arts masturbatory fantasies that the Chinese mass produced in the days of yonder (the 70s and 80s to be more specific). The extra layer that turns this from fashion-cum-tribute to work of art comes from Ferg’s musical piece. It’s a multi-structured, crisply produced and (unfortunately) extremely short track that thumps at a breakneck pace turning into a conglomerate of sounds and textures, merging perfectly with the on-screen action.




Cătălin MesaruAstrid Andersen x A$AP Ferg – Water

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