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Mr. Zula: A Trip To Turkish Electronic Music History (1961 – 1983) [Mixtape]

Cătălin Mesaru Mr. Zula is an Istanbul-based DJ, beatmaker an radio host that expores and reconnects with sounds from days gone by, adding a touch of polished electronic layers to the compositions. In 2012 he created a mixtape that’s truly something special: A Trip To Turkish Electronic Music History (1961 – 1983), which he’s made available towards the end of …

Cătălin MesaruMr. Zula: A Trip To Turkish Electronic Music History (1961 – 1983) [Mixtape]
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Hey! Douglas – Murder At The Disco Down

Cătălin Mesaru Hey! Douglas is a side-side-project of Turkish rapper, DJ and producer, Veyasin. His side-project is Mode XL, a rather cult-ish hip hop due from Turkey. But it’s not Mode XL that I want you to listen to today. It’s Hey! Douglas that beckons attention with his E.P. called Murder At The Disco Down. Veyasin, as Hey! Douglas, does …

Cătălin MesaruHey! Douglas – Murder At The Disco Down
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FKA twigs – Hide & Pendulum (LIVE performance)

Cristian Pagu Boy, oh boy, oh boy! This one is killing me softly… with her songs, with her moves, with her looks. There is absolutely no escape from the firm grasps of what this girl has managed to do to my brain. We posted the clip for Pendulum a few days ago, and while that self-directed piece was stunning and …

Cristian PaguFKA twigs – Hide & Pendulum (LIVE performance)
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Frank Ocean – At Your Best (You are Love) [Aaliyah cover]

Cristian Pagu It’s not easy to remember her without missing her so much. She would have been 36. And as all her fans remember and miss Aaliyah, Frank Ocean pays his own homage and covers one of the songs she herself covered from the 1994 Isley Brothers song At Your Best (You Are Love) . While many have lost all patience for …

Cristian PaguFrank Ocean – At Your Best (You are Love) [Aaliyah cover]
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Red Baraat – Bhangra Pirates

Cătălin Mesaru Red Baraat was one of the most exciting bands that I’ve had the chance to listen to in 2013, thanks to their amazing album Shruggy Ji, which was one of my favorites for that year. They hail from Brooklyn and their musical modus operandi is, pretty much, this one: get all sorts of epic-themed jams and infuse them …

Cătălin MesaruRed Baraat – Bhangra Pirates
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LazyEye – I’m A Stone

Cătălin Mesaru LazyEye is the project of one Scott Powell from Stoke-on-Trent, a project that started earlier this year and that, so far, has managed to create some charming little indie musical numbers. LazyEye’s latest single, I’m a Stone, is a bright, charming and peppy piece of music full of energy, life and optimism. There’re guitars that jingle jangle in …

Cătălin MesaruLazyEye – I’m A Stone
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Voyag3r – Il Guanto Nero

Cătălin Mesaru Voyag3r (pronounced Voyager Three) are a rather brilliant Detroit-based band that like to dabble in musical artistry that draws its inspiration from sci-fi, horror, action, giallo music from the 1970s and the 1980s. The band’s first album, Doom Fortress, has come out this year, on the 26th of August, and Il Guanto Nero is the first video launched …

Cătălin MesaruVoyag3r – Il Guanto Nero
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Old School Hip-Hop All-Stars Rap on Arsenio Hall Show

Cristian Pagu This particular rainy Sunday I woke up a bit nostalgic, craving some real hip-hop. You know what I mean, the kind that doesn’t sparkle, the kind they don’t make no mo’. In 1994 there was The Arsenio Hall Show, which was cancelled many times. But the first time it was about to be cancelled, like 20 yeas ago or …

Cristian PaguOld School Hip-Hop All-Stars Rap on Arsenio Hall Show
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Ivory Towers – Endling

Cătălin Mesaru Whispers and distorted siren-like vocals. That’s how you’re greeted on Ivory Tower’s first song from the Endling E.P. which is available to stream on Soundcloud. Taking its name and atmospheric cues from Twin Peaks, Where We’re From the Birds Sing A Pretty Song is a haunting and unsettling piece of sonic landscaping with echoed vocals that flourish and …

Cătălin MesaruIvory Towers – Endling
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FKA Twigs – Two Weeks ( LIVE Performance – The Tonight Show)

Cristian Pagu when God created love, He made us look twice when God created me, He created me when God created music, He listened carefully when God created drugs, He was high as a kite when God created this elemental wind goddess.

Cristian PaguFKA Twigs – Two Weeks ( LIVE Performance – The Tonight Show)