Crystal Castles 101 – Top favourite songs

Cristian Pagu

Sunday morning cartoons with Crystal Castles. Not many know this but the band got their name from the He-Man cartoons universe. And now, as you all may have learned by now, She-Ra herself, that wonderful crazy chick from Crystal Castles is leaving the band. It’s that girl that looks like a model and acts like a rock star, singing and dancing with a bottle of Jack Daniels in her hand, doing all kinds of incantations with the microphone, always getting up close and personal with her fans whenever she’s doing a live show. I can’t get enough of her during a live show.


I was pretty heartbroken hearing about this whole ordeal, but i also heard some encouraging news and now I’m pretty loosey-goosey. Crystal Castles will go on without Alice Glass, and even though she announced that for both personal and professional reasons is leaving Crystal Castles, the icing on the cake is that Alice is also starting solo career. Yaay!!

Confronted with these waves of emotion I started listening to their albums these past few days and came up with a sort of Crystal Castles 101, basically a short list of personal favorites.



Cristian PaguCrystal Castles 101 – Top favourite songs

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