Sunday LIVE Session with Nils Frahm

Cristian Pagu

This Sunday afternoon is going LIVE thanks to my favourite german producer, composer and piano playing musician, Nils Frahm. So gather around all ye’ who are fond of piano playing, ye’ who rejoice when someone is using a keyboard and manages to play away your angst and blues, only to replace them with butterfly thoughts and feelings.

This guy doesn’t just play the piano. He is known to mix it all up, both classic and electronic music, using both old and digital pianos, playing drum machines at the same time and calling upon the help of simple loops and playbacks to take you, I don’t know, wherever you do want to be taken. His music has that “Gee, I’d sure love to play that piano one day!” effect on people. All signs point to me.

If you’re into piano, and if you’re into this guy killing it on the stage, sweating his ass off, always, and i mean always running around with just one shoe, then you might as well look him up yourself. I promise you that only the best of things will follow… great musical tastes, elastic style, artful substance and sound enlightment.

I had planned for one show, namely the Dimensions Festival Opening Live Concert Set, but there’s so many of his live acts to choose from that I’m not even going to bother. You might as well do it yourselves if you’ve reached this far. The loudest and most pleasant of enjoyments!




Cristian PaguSunday LIVE Session with Nils Frahm

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