Etnik – Unclassified feat. Mykki Blanco

Cristian Pagu

Because she’s not just a regular rapper, the pony boy extraordinaire is also a poet, actor, author and an entertainer with an eye for acting out against the system, bridging the gap between what defines rap parameters in a self-imposed transgender framework. The drag princess of queer hip-hop is the rap persona of none other than Michael David Quattlebaum Jr.

This time around, this proper rapper bitch channels her inner hypnotic and immersive flow, charging her vigorous, energetic and invigorating style, only to join forces with Etnik, the child prodigy of the German techno scene who decided to share some more huge bass drops with the rest of the world.

I just took a Midol cause i thought the shit was ecstasy

Now i’m crampin’ worse than the pregnant woman next to me

This conventional one plus one gives birth to the title track of Etnik’s second EP – Unclassified, a somewhat different and unconventional approach from his first release. In order to reinforce his own personal new signature sound, Etnik is calling for the aid of her majesty Mykki Blanco, to add some New York rap voice to those dope beats full of rhymes about Tweety and Sylvester, Pinky and the Brain, rapping about always having trouble making friends, white people and calling herself a little creepy. Theatrics, drugs, sweaty dancing chicks, differing wavelengths of light and an intoxicated warped vision, Mykki splashing full crazy mode in a chop shop…Mykki Blanco…to the MAX!!



Cristian PaguEtnik – Unclassified feat. Mykki Blanco

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