Old School Hip-Hop All-Stars Rap on Arsenio Hall Show

Cristian Pagu

This particular rainy Sunday I woke up a bit nostalgic, craving some real hip-hop. You know what I mean, the kind that doesn’t sparkle, the kind they don’t make no mo’.

In 1994 there was The Arsenio Hall Show, which was cancelled many times. But the first time it was about to be cancelled, like 20 yeas ago or so, a hip-hop black hole manifested itself at the end of the last show, to show support for Arsenio. The meanest, the baddest and the tuffest of east coast hip-hop icons showed up.

For some of the kids out there, this music, this footage is from way back when we used argue among each other in the hood about who had the best rap music: the EAST or the WEST COAST. Back then we used to walk from one corner of the city to the opposite so we can tape some audio cassettes or copy some VHS clips of our favorite rap songs. Back then there was no high definition, no 1080 p image quality options or any of that bullshieeet.

This is one of the best rap happenings of all time. In order of apparition: Yo-Yo, MC Lyte, Naughty by Nature, Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest, Fu-Schnickens, CL Smooth, Guru  from Gang Starr, Das EFX, Wu Tang Clan (GZA), KRS-One, Mad Lion.

Ahhhh – ooohh! Watcha gonna do / When you see the fu-schnickens come through…

There’s also a bonus video, of a more recent footage from back when MTV turned 20 and invited another bunch of rap stars to perform. In this case the ending in particular.

Give me that bomb beat from Dre / Let me serenade the streets of L.A…




Cristian PaguOld School Hip-Hop All-Stars Rap on Arsenio Hall Show

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