Hey! Douglas – Murder At The Disco Down

Cătălin Mesaru

Hey! Douglas is a side-side-project of Turkish rapper, DJ and producer, Veyasin. His side-project is Mode XL, a rather cult-ish hip hop due from Turkey. But it’s not Mode XL that I want you to listen to today. It’s Hey! Douglas that beckons attention with his E.P. called Murder At The Disco Down.

Veyasin, as Hey! Douglas, does what many other DJs and producers do (we’ve got a few of our own, here, in Romania, you know them all too well): he takes old tunes, forgotten tunes from a specific musical genre and blends, distorts, rearranges and remixes them until they’re in a wholly different and enhanced state. With Murder At The Disco Down, we’re thrust into the world of 70’s Turkish psychedelia, a world in which, most likely, not a lot of us have sampled, but it’s a world that truly deserves a second, a third and a hundredth listen.

Murder At The Disco Down is just five pieces long, but it’s an astounding experience and it’s enough to fill you with a delicious oriental flavour. The smell of dark, dusty, murky discotheques filled with cigarette smoke, cheap rakı in dirty glasses and moustachioed men in paisley shirts and (probably) bell bottom jeans hitting on smouldering Turkish vixens. Ah, that must’ve been the life!



Cătălin MesaruHey! Douglas – Murder At The Disco Down

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