X for Coco de Mer

Cristian Pagu

X marks the spunk. It’s Naked Sunday again so out with the NSFW warnings in the title. What could possibly come to fruition from the team up of successful photographer Rankin and the writer of “Under the Skin” writer Walter Campbell ? The answer is easy… a short film for Coco de Mer. What’s Coco de Mer you ask ? Coco de Mer is high-end British sex store.

The campaign that aims to put this store on the “map” has come up with this concept that allows these two artists, along with the help of other photographers like Trisha Ward and Bronwen Parker-Rhodes , Damien Fry and Joe Hunt, Vicky Lawton and David Allain to trigger a tornado of sexual desires that will inspire playful confidence and flirtatious thoughts for your undeclared passions.

As if we needed to be reminded that sex sells. Indeed it does, and I guess Coco de Mer will sell more lingerie and sex toys after this. But if I were to be blunt, on a simpler note, this X short film is nothing more than a roller coaster of images depicting sex and all things almost naked.



Cristian PaguX for Coco de Mer

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