The Hope Six Demolition Project

Andrei Cucu

After 5 long years of silence, PJ Harvey has finally set a date for her new album The Hope Six Demolition Project. The LP will come out on April 15th, and is the result of Polly Jean’s travels throughout Afghanistan, Kosovo and Washington D.C. together with visual artist Seamus Murphy. The two also collaborated on The Hollow of the Hand, a collection of photographs and poetry which came out last October. The album’s recording sessions were also part of an exhibition at Somerset House in London, where visitors could watch Harvey and the band while at work.

The Hope Six Demolition Project looks a lot like an aesthetic follow-up to 2011’s Let England Shake, Harvey’s most political and detached output yet. This may come as a surprise as one of her trademarks is her constant need for renewal and redefinition with each album (just consider the huge jump between the doll like aesthetic and confessional approach of White Chalk and the dead serious righteousness of Let England Shake), but her music has never proven itself a disappointment.

The Wheel, as a small taste of what’s to come has been released last Thursday:





Andrei CucuThe Hope Six Demolition Project

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