7 questions for AaRON

Pe AaRON îi cunoașteți mulțumită unor piese ca Blouson Noir, U-turn (Lili) sau Seeds of Gold. Îi veți putea vedea live la Picnic In The Park, mâine, 14 mai 2016. Cu ocazia venirii lor în România, ne-am trezit să le punem șapte întrebări despre ei și despre muzica lor.

Iată ce a ieșit (în Engleză):

1. What’s your creative process like? Are there any particular steps taken in order to create and publish a record?

I don’t think there are any particular process. Our personalities are very different, but also complementary. Our inspiration is a sort of daily process, but it is also pretty variable. We always try to slow things down, it matters to us to take time making the right choices. But I am afraid we don’t know any magic formula…

2. How would you say your sound has evolved since the beginning of this musical endeavour?

It obviously evolved along with our personal experiences, our moods. The last album may sound slightly more electronic. We are glad if there is an “AaRon pattern” but the aim is to remain as open-minded as possible.

3. What’s the main piece of music gear that you can’t live without?

We mainly start developing an idea on keyboards, because it’s the instrument we both play. So keyboard, to me.

4. What was the biggest influence in regards to your sound?

We have many influences, and I don’t think they mainly come from music, rather movies or photographs. It’s hard to pick up one, I could think of Nick Cave’s early stuff, but also Joy Division or Leonard Cohen.

5. Pick one and comment on your choice: MP3, CD or Vinyl

This is a tough one! I would go for CDs, because they embody my generation I guess. Everybody has a memory of the first tunes they bought, playing them on repeat in a teenage room.

6. What was the weirdest review you’ve ever read about your music? 

I can’t think of any, really. I try to not to pay attention too much to critics.

7. How does your music influence your personal life (family, job etc.)?

Well it’s basically living in a cotton dream, we are so glad and grateful to live on our music, it is something truly incredible, even if drawbacks always exist, like being far from the ones you care when you are on the road. But it would be foolish to complain, really.



Cătălin Mesaru7 questions for AaRON

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