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Steve Piccolo – Domestic Exile

Andrei Cucu It’s always interesting to hear paranoia put into song. Charles Mingus laments in his Don’t Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb On Me blues, Laurie Anderson aestheticizes fear into a repetitive, glacial conversation with herself, but with Steve Piccolo you get a deliberately lonely exercise in self definition. In between releasing two albums as part of the chaotic Lounge …

Andrei CucuSteve Piccolo – Domestic Exile
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Ivan the Terrible – Viktor Vasnetsov

Andrei Cucu How long do you have to stare at a painting before falling in? How long before you start hearing the wind rustling your horse’s mane or the soft orthodox chant? Online mystery musician Ivan the Terrible tries to answer these questions in regard to the paintings of Russian Romantic-Modernist painter Viktor Vasnetsov. Ivan’s release named after the painter picks out seven of …

Andrei CucuIvan the Terrible – Viktor Vasnetsov
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Laurie Anderson – Big Science

Andrei Cucu “Hi, I’m not home right now, but if you want to discuss the relationship between man and machine, between an individual and his voice, between identity and alienation, just start talking at the sound of the tone.” Laurie Anderson’s Big Science is meant for the masses. It should be played loudly in public squares, use samples of it for …

Andrei CucuLaurie Anderson – Big Science
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Cate le Bon/Drinks

Andrei Cucu One of my favorite imaginary places where I would like to spend an afternoon or two is the flat on Syd Barrett’s The Madcap Laughs cover. There’s something hypnotic about that orange blue striped floor, the huge emptiness ready to receive Syd’s insane ramblings. The room feels part lonely, part content with its emptiness, in itself an allegorical …

Andrei CucuCate le Bon/Drinks
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Nicolas Jaar – Pomegranates (and their color)

Andrei Cucu A few months ago, Nicolas Jaar published a video of Sergei Parajanov’s incredible 1969 film The Colour of Pomegranates accompanied by his own alternate soundtrack. While quite an ambitious feat, his songs fit the highly abstract way in which Parajanov’s film tells the story of the eighteenth century poet Sayat Nova eve though some of them were presumably …

Andrei CucuNicolas Jaar – Pomegranates (and their color)
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Nobukazu Takemura – Zeitraum

Andrei Cucu “Time cannot be put into words” a bored voice says in German, and the music falls apart into atonal bursts of pseudo-brass. Nobukazu Takemura’s latest release tells you right from the start that what is going to happen is not going to be easy or clear, nor will it be coherent, but definitely worth it. The album starts …

Andrei CucuNobukazu Takemura – Zeitraum
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Hear Hums – Malaise

Andrei Cucu There seems to be very little to be found about Florida duo Hear Hums, except references to hypnotism, experimentation and a new kind of psychedelia. Listening to their latest release, 2014’s Malaise, you realize that you don’t even want to know more about them. Mitch Meyers and Kenzie Cooke hide so well behind the landscapes they create, that …

Andrei CucuHear Hums – Malaise
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Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Multi-Love

Andrei Cucu If there’s one thing Unknown Mortal Orchestra have going for them it’s the first impression they generate. They seem to have it all, a love for meandering riffs, just the right amount of phasing, echoing and detuning effects and the perfect lo-fi edge suitable for the sort of basement psych-funk they create. But as their first two LP’s …

Andrei CucuUnknown Mortal Orchestra – Multi-Love
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Courtney Barnett – Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit

Andrei Cucu Think of that one joke you think you tell best. Think about exactly how you would tell it so as to bring out the best of it, to turn the punchline into a nose milk, stomach grabbing laugh fest. No matter how impeccable your technique, Courtney Barnett is probably better at telling it. And she’ll probably forget the …

Andrei CucuCourtney Barnett – Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit
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Jun Ray Song Chang – or how I learned to stop fearing and love the passage of time

Andrei Cucu -At- -the end- -the end you realize- -At the end- -realize that time- -At the end you- -time is- -At the end you realize that time is- Jun Ray Song Chang, Asa Chang & Junray’s first release outside of Japan, feels like the legitimate and very honorable offspring of Steve Reich and the other minimalists of the ’60s, …

Andrei CucuJun Ray Song Chang – or how I learned to stop fearing and love the passage of time