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Pale Honey – S/T

Andrei Cucu So it’s Sunday and you’re angry because you have to buy a new pair of pants. In itself, not a problem, but this implies going to the mall, getting annoyed by the far too many people squirming through cacophonous hallways and hating every materialistic and shallow minute of it. But then you get to your low priced, yet …

Andrei CucuPale Honey – S/T
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Unknown Pleasures (or how to be sadder than sad and love it)

Andrei Cucu I like to think of myself as a joyful person. Therefore, I tried systematically to keep away from Joy Division. I realize the faults of my thought process, and I realize the detachment one might (or should) resort to when checking out a new (in a subjective sense) band. So the following review is out of time and …

Andrei CucuUnknown Pleasures (or how to be sadder than sad and love it)
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Alice in Chains – Miserable, alone and unplugged

Andrei Cucu Probably every non-native English speaking music listener has a moment when s/he stops blurting out nonsense that sounds like his favourite tunes and starts actually speaking the language, not necessarily understanding the lyrics fully or even wanting to, but finally managing to distinguish words and phrases without them sounding like alphabet soup. For me this happened around the …

Andrei CucuAlice in Chains – Miserable, alone and unplugged
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John Zorn – Spillane!

Andrei Cucu Where can you even begin to tackle John Zorn? His avant-garde reworkings of spaghetti western soundtracks on The Big Gundown? Or his hardcore miniatures mixed with country, jazz and who knows what else on Naked City? Or maybe his ‘radical Jewish music’ as he calls it, played with the band Masada? Every facet of his work is as …

Andrei CucuJohn Zorn – Spillane!
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The Legendary Marvin Pontiac

Andrei Cucu This week’s English Sunday brings the story of one of the most influential African/Jewish musicians, the legendary Marvin Pontiac. Born in 1932, Pontiac was bound to become an inspiration to artists such as Leonard Cohen, Flea, Iggy Pop, Beck, David Bowie, Michael Stipe (all of which having expressed their admiration for Pontiac) and surely many, many others. But  …

Andrei CucuThe Legendary Marvin Pontiac
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Japanese Dream Pop 101: A Guide To Cuushe

Andrei Cucu Constantly dreaming must be fascinating, but also excruciatingly comfortable and probably raises a number of existential questions. However, you can have your cake and dream it too, thanks to Japan’s front-line dream-pop singer-songwriter Cuushe. Her work manages to turn everything lighter, and make you realize that you have to hold on to something or else you might float …

Andrei CucuJapanese Dream Pop 101: A Guide To Cuushe
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Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly

Andrei Cucu Sadly I have never been into rap so the following review may fall into the errors of a noob. The first time I have sincerely listened to hip hop was Flying Lotus’ You’re Dead! last year where I was taken aback by the power of his collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, and how his quick line dropping resonated with …

Andrei CucuKendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly
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Einstürzende Neubauten – Lament

Andrei Cucu There’s something about every Einstürzende Neubauten record that makes you want to hide under a table as the world crumbles into nothing but debris and the mechanical remains of modern civilization. It’s no coincidence that their début album is called Kollaps and industrial noise has never been as visceral as on their decade spanning albums. Along their career …

Andrei CucuEinstürzende Neubauten – Lament