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Les Fils du Calvaire feat. Miss Kittin – Rester Avec Toi

Cristian Pagu Do you like girls ? Do you like boys ? Or perhaps you like both ? This Sunday is not really safe for work. It’s one of those interactively erotic Sundays that lets you play with with whichever gender you fancy. This particular video enables you to use your hands to grab and touch stuff. Stuff that belongs …

Cristian PaguLes Fils du Calvaire feat. Miss Kittin – Rester Avec Toi
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Kali Uchis – Loner (v1 / v2)

Cristian Pagu I don’t want it to be a s-e-c-r-e-t. All o’ sudden it came to me, and maybe it’s not deliberate, and I know you never asked me, but I just gotta put it out there… Candy-Crush Request Accepted. A little subjectivity never hurt anyone. A lot of emotional reasons are in play so just… play along. Ever since i laid eyes upon …

Cristian PaguKali Uchis – Loner (v1 / v2)
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Aïsha Devi – Mazdâ (NSFW video)

Cristian Pagu The interconnected themes and experimental techniques of Aïsha Devi take a drastic u-turn downhill, landing in the middle of a swamp like vortex full of chaotic matter. Spirituality packs quite a punch here but also takes a heavy beating to a pulp, until it starts bleeding unrefined  pure pink artistic residue after the distillation of the soul and the evaporation of a …

Cristian PaguAïsha Devi – Mazdâ (NSFW video)
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Rose McGowan – RM486

Cristian Pagu “I’ve always hated acting”…Murder she wrote…These are the type of statements actors make when they don’t get any more roles, or when they don’t get a breakthrough in the industry… or may be not, i don’t know. Rose McGowan said this, as she released her first video, for RM486. I was curious as to why she chose this particular …

Cristian PaguRose McGowan – RM486
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Masayoshi Fujita – Apologues

Cristian Pagu Berlin based Japanese vibraphonist and composer Masayoshi Fujita starts off playing the drums but somehow ends up reaching inside the receptacle of electronic music in search of little clouds of probability and possibility. With the help of some extensive vibraphone craft training, soon, his own compositions start taking shape. Under his electronic alias, el fog, Masayoshi merged the vibraphone …

Cristian PaguMasayoshi Fujita – Apologues
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Fka Twigs – Elastic Heart (cover)

Cristian Pagu If you didn’t squeeze too much pulp out of your Sunday, fear not… we’ve got our hands on a clip of the elemental wind goddess Fka Twigs doing some singing to brighten up your day. The lovely Tahliah Barnett took it upon herself to guest star on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge and perform a few songs (including the M3LL155X track In Time). During her live show …

Cristian PaguFka Twigs – Elastic Heart (cover)
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Rokolectiv presents SHAPE București

Cristian Pagu Rokolectiv is at it again. This time the Rokolectiv crew is bringing something entirely new, but equally exciting and colourful to the Bucharest Electronic music scene. The whole weekend is dedicated to SHAPE  (Sound, Heterogeneous Art, and Performance in Europe), one of the most ambitious European platforms for innovative music and audiovisual art. Since SHAPE’s mission is to present …

Cristian PaguRokolectiv presents SHAPE București
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Monday Mix: Luca – The 2nd Cherry Oven

Cristian Pagu La prima vedere, despre Luca ai zice că e un mister. Dar să nu sărim la concluzii. De fapt, dacă se întâmplă așa, este vorba doar de o impresie complet eronată și în timp personal remodelată.  Aș avea destule adjective la dispoziție să vorbesc despre el, dar în mare, Luca este băiat de Constangeles. Mixează de prin 2011 …

Cristian PaguMonday Mix: Luca – The 2nd Cherry Oven
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Björk – Stonemilker

Cristian Pagu  How much Björk is too much? The answer is obviously simplistic… it’s never enough. You can never get enough of Björk. And with this new album opener video, Stonemilker, she’s not making things easier for her fans. Here I was, minding my own business, and along comes the new video, which is a virtual reality Björk tour delight for the …

Cristian PaguBjörk – Stonemilker
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Dream Koala – Earth

Cristian Pagu Earth to Dream Koala… Hello? Do you read me?  Yndi Ferreira a.k.a Dream Koala face electro-pop. De obicei e soft, melancolic, înecat în tristețe.  A lansat videoclip nou la Earth. Foarte bogat din punct de vedere vizual, deși uneori arată ca multe din clipurile alea demențial colorate care îți răsucesc mintea și mișună în neștire pe Vimeo. Dar la …

Cristian PaguDream Koala – Earth