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Oneohtrix Point Never – Garden of Delete

Andrei Cucu I am not completely sure of what Oneohtrix Point Never’s latest release, Garden of Delete, makes me feel. Like with James Ferraro, there is a lot of anger buried deep within, but the immense number of layers stacked on top of that anger, make it less recognizable. It doesn’t lose its intensity, but it morphs into weird shapes, unknown patterns and …

Andrei CucuOneohtrix Point Never – Garden of Delete
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Alex G – Beach Music

Andrei Cucu What better way to slack off than with the sound of laziness, self-consciousness and teenage whininess? And what better way to do it than with the most DIY singer songwriter of all, Alex G? Nothing can go wrong, because you have decided to do nothing. Alex G first made a name for himself by playing college kid filled basements …

Andrei CucuAlex G – Beach Music
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XIII Harmonies

Andrei Cucu In 1976, John Cage composed a work for four solo singers and an orchestra to honor the bicentennial of the United States of America. The piece, Apartment House 1776, is based around the four main religious beliefs of the American people, Sephardi, Protestant, Native American and African American, represented by the four singers. These four voices were meant to …

Andrei CucuXIII Harmonies
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Youth Lagoon – Savage Hills Ballroom

Andrei Cucu Youth Lagoon is clearly Trevor Powers’ way of coping. Each of their songs has a very therapeutic overtone, each confession seems to get Powers one tiny step closer to loss of anxiety, mental and spiritual harmony or emotional stability. Confession is a great artistic vehicle, and one could easily argue that art is always in one way or …

Andrei CucuYouth Lagoon – Savage Hills Ballroom
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Kali Uchis – Loner (v1 / v2)

Cristian Pagu I don’t want it to be a s-e-c-r-e-t. All o’ sudden it came to me, and maybe it’s not deliberate, and I know you never asked me, but I just gotta put it out there… Candy-Crush Request Accepted. A little subjectivity never hurt anyone. A lot of emotional reasons are in play so just… play along. Ever since i laid eyes upon …

Cristian PaguKali Uchis – Loner (v1 / v2)
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Julia Holter and the magic of indeterminacy

Andrei Cucu Julia Holter is one big enigma wrapped in a riddle. The 30 year old Californian debuted in 2011 with one of the most inexplicably enticing albums mixing ambient and pop music, based on Euripidies plays, riddled with ancient imagery, straight jazz snippets, and her ever-lulling voice. Her debut album had a very lo-fi feel, which doesn’t necessarily come off …

Andrei CucuJulia Holter and the magic of indeterminacy
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Aïsha Devi – Mazdâ (NSFW video)

Cristian Pagu The interconnected themes and experimental techniques of Aïsha Devi take a drastic u-turn downhill, landing in the middle of a swamp like vortex full of chaotic matter. Spirituality packs quite a punch here but also takes a heavy beating to a pulp, until it starts bleeding unrefined  pure pink artistic residue after the distillation of the soul and the evaporation of a …

Cristian PaguAïsha Devi – Mazdâ (NSFW video)
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Rose McGowan – RM486

Cristian Pagu “I’ve always hated acting”…Murder she wrote…These are the type of statements actors make when they don’t get any more roles, or when they don’t get a breakthrough in the industry… or may be not, i don’t know. Rose McGowan said this, as she released her first video, for RM486. I was curious as to why she chose this particular …

Cristian PaguRose McGowan – RM486
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Leonard Cohen – New Skin for the Old Ceremony

Andrei Cucu It is very easy to fall into religious reverence for Leonard Cohen, I myself have been a devotee for quite a while, his incredible charm, his soft spoken manner, his intellectual detachment and spiritual maturity all can very easily make you swoon like a medieval maiden. And yet he himself also manages to snap you out of such …

Andrei CucuLeonard Cohen – New Skin for the Old Ceremony
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Fka Twigs – Elastic Heart (cover)

Cristian Pagu If you didn’t squeeze too much pulp out of your Sunday, fear not… we’ve got our hands on a clip of the elemental wind goddess Fka Twigs doing some singing to brighten up your day. The lovely Tahliah Barnett took it upon herself to guest star on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge and perform a few songs (including the M3LL155X track In Time). During her live show …

Cristian PaguFka Twigs – Elastic Heart (cover)