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Tropic of Cancer

Andrei Cucu Camella Lobo mostly works in surfaces. Each classically sharp synth, each monosyllabic drum beat work only in 2D, never going out of their way to improvise, variate or change much about their development, but that’s how they get you. Each flat, sharp element intersects with the other and shimmers very brightly among the cold, dusty space Tropic of …

Andrei CucuTropic of Cancer
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East India Youth – Culture of Volume

Andrei Cucu East India Youth’s 2014 debut, Total Strife Forever, showed a promising new electronic producer with some overly ambitious productions, but with some very hummable pop tunes hidden between huge synths and syncopated beats. It never coagulated into a great album, but the few memorable tunes like Looking for Someone and Heaven, How Long showed some promise for what William Doyle was going to …

Andrei CucuEast India Youth – Culture of Volume
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Chelsea Wolfe (or how to stare into the dark forever)

Andrei Cucu I love it when you stumble upon an artist with a vision, persona and output that are so coherent that just by reading their stage name you know exactly what you are in for. It’s one of the rare cases where confirmation of your premonition is actually satisfying. While Wolfe’s scope of feelings, themes, states and ambiances may …

Andrei CucuChelsea Wolfe (or how to stare into the dark forever)
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James Ferraro – Manhattan Future Ocean

Andrei Cucu Finally, something new from the harsh, wicked yet extremely phantasmal world of James Ferraro. Last week saw a new post on the enigmatic yet, seemingly preferred medium, his soundcloud page, namely the song Manhattan Future Ocean. The title strongly hints to his 2013 NYC, HELL 3:00 am and is another type of journey through New York that he forces upon you. On NYC, HELL 3:00 am, Ferraro …

Andrei CucuJames Ferraro – Manhattan Future Ocean
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Steve Piccolo – Domestic Exile

Andrei Cucu It’s always interesting to hear paranoia put into song. Charles Mingus laments in his Don’t Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb On Me blues, Laurie Anderson aestheticizes fear into a repetitive, glacial conversation with herself, but with Steve Piccolo you get a deliberately lonely exercise in self definition. In between releasing two albums as part of the chaotic Lounge …

Andrei CucuSteve Piccolo – Domestic Exile
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Ivan the Terrible – Viktor Vasnetsov

Andrei Cucu How long do you have to stare at a painting before falling in? How long before you start hearing the wind rustling your horse’s mane or the soft orthodox chant? Online mystery musician Ivan the Terrible tries to answer these questions in regard to the paintings of Russian Romantic-Modernist painter Viktor Vasnetsov. Ivan’s release named after the painter picks out seven of …

Andrei CucuIvan the Terrible – Viktor Vasnetsov
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Laurie Anderson – Big Science

Andrei Cucu “Hi, I’m not home right now, but if you want to discuss the relationship between man and machine, between an individual and his voice, between identity and alienation, just start talking at the sound of the tone.” Laurie Anderson’s Big Science is meant for the masses. It should be played loudly in public squares, use samples of it for …

Andrei CucuLaurie Anderson – Big Science
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Cate le Bon/Drinks

Andrei Cucu One of my favorite imaginary places where I would like to spend an afternoon or two is the flat on Syd Barrett’s The Madcap Laughs cover. There’s something hypnotic about that orange blue striped floor, the huge emptiness ready to receive Syd’s insane ramblings. The room feels part lonely, part content with its emptiness, in itself an allegorical …

Andrei CucuCate le Bon/Drinks
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Nicolas Jaar – Pomegranates (and their color)

Andrei Cucu A few months ago, Nicolas Jaar published a video of Sergei Parajanov’s incredible 1969 film The Colour of Pomegranates accompanied by his own alternate soundtrack. While quite an ambitious feat, his songs fit the highly abstract way in which Parajanov’s film tells the story of the eighteenth century poet Sayat Nova eve though some of them were presumably …

Andrei CucuNicolas Jaar – Pomegranates (and their color)
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Nobukazu Takemura – Zeitraum

Andrei Cucu “Time cannot be put into words” a bored voice says in German, and the music falls apart into atonal bursts of pseudo-brass. Nobukazu Takemura’s latest release tells you right from the start that what is going to happen is not going to be easy or clear, nor will it be coherent, but definitely worth it. The album starts …

Andrei CucuNobukazu Takemura – Zeitraum