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Hear Hums – Malaise

Andrei Cucu There seems to be very little to be found about Florida duo Hear Hums, except references to hypnotism, experimentation and a new kind of psychedelia. Listening to their latest release, 2014’s Malaise, you realize that you don’t even want to know more about them. Mitch Meyers and Kenzie Cooke hide so well behind the landscapes they create, that …

Andrei CucuHear Hums – Malaise
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Björk – Stonemilker

Cristian Pagu  How much Björk is too much? The answer is obviously simplistic… it’s never enough. You can never get enough of Björk. And with this new album opener video, Stonemilker, she’s not making things easier for her fans. Here I was, minding my own business, and along comes the new video, which is a virtual reality Björk tour delight for the …

Cristian PaguBjörk – Stonemilker
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Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Multi-Love

Andrei Cucu If there’s one thing Unknown Mortal Orchestra have going for them it’s the first impression they generate. They seem to have it all, a love for meandering riffs, just the right amount of phasing, echoing and detuning effects and the perfect lo-fi edge suitable for the sort of basement psych-funk they create. But as their first two LP’s …

Andrei CucuUnknown Mortal Orchestra – Multi-Love
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X for Coco de Mer

Cristian Pagu X marks the spunk. It’s Naked Sunday again so out with the NSFW warnings in the title. What could possibly come to fruition from the team up of successful photographer Rankin and the writer of “Under the Skin” writer Walter Campbell ? The answer is easy… a short film for Coco de Mer. What’s Coco de Mer you …

Cristian PaguX for Coco de Mer
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Courtney Barnett – Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit

Andrei Cucu Think of that one joke you think you tell best. Think about exactly how you would tell it so as to bring out the best of it, to turn the punchline into a nose milk, stomach grabbing laugh fest. No matter how impeccable your technique, Courtney Barnett is probably better at telling it. And she’ll probably forget the …

Andrei CucuCourtney Barnett – Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit
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Rokolectiv Festival 2015 – 10 Years Anniversary

Cristian Pagu  Much has been made of Rokolectiv’s overall seriousness with which they take their figures. And this year, Rokolectiv’s been all about numbers and figures. Let’s dance with numbers : 10 years + 3, that’s 13 in 2015. Thirteen years of making things happen in an environment where experimentation occurs and flourishes freely and regularly. I am not going to start …

Cristian PaguRokolectiv Festival 2015 – 10 Years Anniversary
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Jun Ray Song Chang – or how I learned to stop fearing and love the passage of time

Andrei Cucu -At- -the end- -the end you realize- -At the end- -realize that time- -At the end you- -time is- -At the end you realize that time is- Jun Ray Song Chang, Asa Chang & Junray’s first release outside of Japan, feels like the legitimate and very honorable offspring of Steve Reich and the other minimalists of the ’60s, …

Andrei CucuJun Ray Song Chang – or how I learned to stop fearing and love the passage of time
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Pale Honey – S/T

Andrei Cucu So it’s Sunday and you’re angry because you have to buy a new pair of pants. In itself, not a problem, but this implies going to the mall, getting annoyed by the far too many people squirming through cacophonous hallways and hating every materialistic and shallow minute of it. But then you get to your low priced, yet …

Andrei CucuPale Honey – S/T
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Unknown Pleasures (or how to be sadder than sad and love it)

Andrei Cucu I like to think of myself as a joyful person. Therefore, I tried systematically to keep away from Joy Division. I realize the faults of my thought process, and I realize the detachment one might (or should) resort to when checking out a new (in a subjective sense) band. So the following review is out of time and …

Andrei CucuUnknown Pleasures (or how to be sadder than sad and love it)
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Alice in Chains – Miserable, alone and unplugged

Andrei Cucu Probably every non-native English speaking music listener has a moment when s/he stops blurting out nonsense that sounds like his favourite tunes and starts actually speaking the language, not necessarily understanding the lyrics fully or even wanting to, but finally managing to distinguish words and phrases without them sounding like alphabet soup. For me this happened around the …

Andrei CucuAlice in Chains – Miserable, alone and unplugged